Alpha Baby Care Co., Ltd. has been established in 2012 in response to the growing demand of baby products industry around the world. Babies are special gifts to parents. All parents love their babies and likes to give the best to them so parents always look for best quality products for their loved ones. Thailand is the largest manufacturing hub in the baby category division with good standard of workmanship and updated to high quality protocol.We are a professional manufacturer of all types of baby products under 3 years. All of ALPHA’s products are designed and manufactured with utmost care and highest quality standards to ensure that your baby's precious first years are happier, healthier and safer. Our focus is entirely on developing and manufacturing innovative wide range of baby feeding products such as feeding bottles, silicone nipples (teats), pacifiers (soothers), pacifier case, cups, non-spill cups, snack cups, sports cups, cutlery sets, milk powder containers, teethers, plat

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