In 2010, Fino-food Kft. Continued the modernization and development of its dairy plant, which it had started earlier. We expanded the milk collection line, installed a cardboard conveyor in our pickled department, and put a new milk testing instrument into operation in the laboratory. We have introduced new products to the market: our butter and sandwich creams are available in several flavors, and we have expanded the range of our own branded products with 3.5% milk. In order to improve production efficiency, our company also purchased new whey filtration equipment.
The plant also received the advanced IFS certification last year, which is a guarantee in the field of quality assurance.
A book about our company has been completed, in which you can read about our history, our creed, we provide useful information about wines and cheeses, as well as food recipes composed for Fino products. Our website has been renewed in both its appearance and content: visitors can read a lot of useful information about our dairy products.
Last year, we voted in favor of sports and a healthy lifestyle: we became the naming sponsors of the adult men's volleyball team in Kaposvár, who will play under the name Fino Kaposvár this season.
Our annual sales revenue exceeded HUF 6 billion in 2010.
Our milk processing dates back to more than 120 years of production tradition, since the founder, Antal Strausz, started producing cheese and butter at the old Tamás site in 1889. We would like to continue this tradition in Kaposvár as well, preserving the year in our new official logo. In this way, we want to assure all our consumers that, although with modern technology, we make our products with the old, traditionally good quality, exclusively from milk and without artificial additives.
The level of the entrance of the factory houses the Somogyi Repository of Gastronomic Pleasures, which uniquely aims to create a tourist center for the Table Pleasures series of events taking place in the settlements of Somogy County. The repository provides a place for a pioneering business in Hungary, because in the cellar lovers of wine and cheese gastronomy can taste and see the cheeses made in our factory and the deservedly famous wines of the region at the same time. In the show shop, visitors have the opportunity to taste the treasures of Table Delights and Southern Transdanubia, which can of course be bought and taken home. Three function rooms and a show kitchen provide space for corporate or even family programs, conferences and workshops.
The dairy plant of Fino-food Kft. In Kaposvár employs 130 people, the amount of milk received daily is 180,000 liters. The company is a medium-sized family business, as the majority ownership is in the hands of a family who are also involved in operational management. The high quality of the products is guaranteed not only by family operation and the preservation of traditions, but also by the world-class milk processing machine systems, with the help of which the products are made with closed technology. 100 percent of the milk raw material is obtained from the South Transdanubia region, more than half of it comes from Somogy county, from our own dairy farms.

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