KMZ Industries is a leading Ukrainian supplier of integrated solutions for grain storage and processing.
• The first and largest in Ukraine serial production of elevator equipment. We manufacture silos, grain dryers, transport and home equipment, separators.
• Design, installation and service - according to European standards.
• Automation of equipment and technological processes in elevators.
• Integration of separate working areas of the granary (weight, laboratory, drying, cleaning, storage, shipment) into a single system of automated elevator control.
The company's production facilities are located in Karlivka, Poltava region. The production is equipped with equipment from European, Japanese and American manufacturers, has its own design office, assembly department, service department and elevator automation department.
We provide a full range of automation services
• Own production of power supply cabinets, controller, etc.
• Hardware - from the world's leading brands (Siemens, Schneider, Eaton).
• Installation of own software. The software solution is implemented on the platform of PLCnext Technology - the German electrical giant Phoenix Contact.
• Installation and commissioning.
The task of the IIoT-solution of KMZ Industries is to make the processes in the elevator as transparent and controlled as possible and as a result - to introduce a tool for managing the profitability of the enterprise.
We install both our own elevator equipment and equipment from other manufacturers
Correctness of installation - a guarantee of high-quality and trouble-free operation of the equipment during all term of operation.
• We carry out work on installation, adjustment and commissioning.
• We carry out professional inspection of equipment, diagnostics and repair.
• We train the elevator staff.
The company's capabilities allow for the simultaneous installation of several objects. Under the condition of installation by KMZ Industries, customers receive an extended warranty on silos and transport equipment - 36 months.
Our experience
• More than 5,000 objects. More than 7,000,000 tons of storage in operation.
• Implemented projects in various directions: from small reception complexes to port terminals in Ukraine and abroad. Our equipment is successfully operated in Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States and the Middle East, Poland, Kazakhstan and others.
• Over the last 5 years, 25 new Brice-Baker SCN dryers have been put into operation with a total capacity of 2,646 t / h (for wheat), which is more than 2 million tons of dried product per month.
• More than 160 years of experience in supplying equipment for agriculture.
On April 29, 2021, KMZ Industries and Variant Agro Build signed an agreement on the merger of the elevator direction of Variant Agro Bud LLC with Karliv Machine-Building Plant PJSC. The combined company operates on behalf of PJSC "Karlovy Vary Machine-Building Plant".
80% of the merged company is owned by the investment company Dragon Capital (owned 100% of the shares before the merger) and 20% by the Shufani family (100% controlled by Variant Agro Build before the merger). The owners of the enterprise are the guarantors of the company's reliability as a business partner.
The attitude to each client as a valuable partner is the basis of our company's philosophy. Regardless of the size of the farm, each customer receives the most professional services, because we understand that the success of our customers is the only way to ensure successful development.

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