Advertising and Consultancy Services; was founded in 2005 by Osman Yavuz, a founding member of Yavuz Advertising and Marketing (1986), Nun Advertising Agency (1993) and Aktif Medya (1996).

Osman Yavuz, who has managed the agency for years, who knows the sector well and has signed the firsts, decides to open Konya's first Media Planning and Purchasing agency. The work started in the beginning of 2004 was completed in 2005 and Medyavuz Consulting Services was announced to be opened.

His work first opened a different window, starting with the local media, and revived the barren local media advertising market. The applause sounds of having succeeded in the first one, but the problems with exchanges with the local media were suggestive. He could not ignore the amateurism any more and the local media decided to stop the purchasing service. On the other hand, the national media continued to plan and purchase.

Satisfaction of customers as a result of the success it brings in business was gathered at one common point. Full service agency ...

Osman Yavuz insisted on this issue, in 2007 as a small addition to the name of Advertising and Consultancy Services Medyavuz full-service agency began.

One of the basic principles of Medyavuz "Ufuk must be the best of every large business, the foundation was laid in those days. The customer portfolio was tried to be kept narrow, many companies could not be answered, but the agency has achieved more successful business by focusing on less work .

First, customer and then staff rankings applied by many agencies always followed upside down. First, the new customers, then the staff by saying staff slowly, with professional colleagues in the field built on solid stones. Both the customer and the staff were always the best here.

His popularity and leadership never spoiled Medyavuz. It doesn't confuse the departments with the unclear departments and the crowded agency environment.

What makes Medyavuz so good is that the basic principle is always in consciousness. The basic principle: advertising agency tries to save the image and money to its customers, to make the most efficient and highest quality of his work.

From corporate identity to mascot, from media planning to purchasing, from web page to desktop software, from television advertisements to radio advertisements, from campaign creation to strategy planning, from press announcement to outdoor advertising, from casting to organization, from fair to photography, on ten fingers is an advertising agency.

There is an idea for everyone in this world!

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