Since 1945, our company has always been the first to produce high quality and innovative products. Our production started in the field of furniture since 1988. Our journey, which started with outdoor furniture, combined with our passion for design, carried us to the interior spaces. For 25 years, we have been analyzing world-wide market, product and trend research meticulously and giving life to our products with the latest technologies without sacrificing quality. While expanding our product range, every product we meet with consumers is designed to produce positive results for the spaces. With our unique and rich collection of polycarbonate, polypropylene, metal and wood combinations, we are able to be in every area of life. Acting simultaneously to the change process in the world, we prioritize quality and satisfaction of our customers at every stage of our production. Every year, we continue to work with increasing volume, expanding distribution channels, newly added products and the energy of thousands of people we make happy.

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