The leader of the sector with its experience from the past in the production of welding machines…
Özen Makina, which presents the most advanced products for customer needs with its continuous R & D studies, reflects its energy, aesthetics and technology in its internal dynamics to its products.
ALI OZEN MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. long-lasting and aesthetic, ergonomic design offers products to the taste of consumers.
High welding performance and ease of use in Ozen products and superior product quality achieved through copper transformers are the main reasons for Ozen products to be preferred.
the widespread distribution channels in Turkey, having served Ozen Machinery network has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction.
With its experienced sales team, Özen Makina offers products that are suitable for the needs of the consumers before the sale and fulfills the needs completely and on time.
shows the same meticulousness after sales and does not leave the customer alone with its unlimited support service in spare parts. Özen Makina also provides
offers cooperation alternatives in after-sales training and solution partnership.
Within the developing market conditions, Ozen Makina has a large market share and is rapidly adapting to technology; R & D efforts to achieve better with the effort.

Reflecting the importance it attaches to quality and trust to its products, Özen Makina produces TSE and CE quality certified products within the scope of ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
Aiming to carry production and product quality to the future, Özen Makina will continue its activities in its new factory in Konya 3rd organized industrial zone with 8.500 m² closed and 22.000 m² open area.
Özen Makina, which has a structure aiming for continuous development and renewal, is proud of our country with its welding machines, plasma cutting and special automation applications oriented to the needs.

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