IPLAST is the largest Russian enterprise, making specialty of the production of large-size plastic tare and packaging. The Company exists for 10 years (since 2009). Using innovative technologies I-Plast produces the unique kinds of polymer tare and packaging. The wide range of I-Plast products includes a few hundreds of titles such as large-size plastic iBox containers, large collapsible Polybox containers, plastic crates, plastic pallets, warehouse crates, containers for municipal solid wastes collection and polymeric sheets. The production is used in many spheres including food industry, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical industries, warehousing, agriculture and retail. High quality tare and packaging produced by I-Plast let the clients improve the logistics by reduction of the transportation and storage costs. The enterprise operates in Nizhnekamsk (The Republic of Tatarstan). The availability of large manufacturers of polymer raw materials such as PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and PJSC Kazanorgsintez as well as close neighborhood with the largest industrial centers in European part Russia and the Urals create a good possibility for the company to develop and cooperate with large enterprises especially in the spheres of chemical and automotive industries.The world class product quality lets the company put large projects into life and emerge in new marketplaces.

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