TiXbo Tiefbohr Center GmbH is a service provider for metal drilling in the automotive industry, medical technology, mould construction and mechanical engineering. Our company headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany. We drill whatever we can – which is a lot! TiXbo specialises in deep drilling and uses cutting-edge machinery to do so to provide their customers with exact drilling processes and the highest precision. The deep drilling range extends from small parts for medical technology to shafts of up to a depth of 2000 mm, to shapes weighing up to 6000 kg. TiXbo drills on sophisticated CNC deep drilling machines to produce customised pieces, prototypes, pre-series and series for you. All the while, we work according to your standards and towards your goals so that everything works out the way you want it. We are your contact for metal drilling and CNC milling work of all kinds. Our team of specialist experts is happy to offer one-on-one consultation. Use this chance and ask us all your questions!

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