WanChem Electrolyzer Part Corporation is in a position to offer the most up-to-date service for electrochemical industry in the world. Our products mainly includ: Electrode coating or recoating, Manufacture new chlor-alkali electrolyzer elements, Make new anode according customer's requirement, Cell gaskets for chlor-alkali electrolyzers, Other parts for electrolysersWe make nobel metal coating on titanium substrate. Our product have been widely used in many chemical factories, which cover almost all main electrolyzer technologies, such as Asahi Glass Company, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Chlorine Engineers Corporation (BiTAC), Eltech Systems Corporation (MGC, ExL), DeNora Corporation (DD350, DN350), Ineos(FM21, FBM1500, BiChlor), Ahasi Glass (B1, F2, M3), etc.

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