LYRA (Pvt) Limited is the leading manufacturer of high quality Body Armour (Bulletproof vests and jackets), heavy duty leather Footwear (military and safety) and Personal Protection Equipment & Clothing. LYRA has pioneered the indigenous development of a range of products in Pakistan including, but not limited to, Military Boots, Bulletproof Jackets, Flyer Coveralls, EOD (Bomb Disposal) Suit, Lower Body Protection System, Bomb Suppression Blanket, Bomb Containment Bag, Industrial Clothing and Safety Shoes.LYRA (Pvt) Limited was established in 1948.LYRA is the oldest manufacturer of military boots in Pakistan. Became first Pakistani company to develop Bulletproof Jackets indigenously and supplied first domestic order to Pakistan Army. LYRA is the first domestic company to successfully produce fire retardant Flyer Coveralls as per US military specification MIL-C-83141A in Pakistan. We achieved first EC type certification for its Safety Coverall (EN 531) in Pakistan.

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