F&C Sensing Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd (F&C) has been specialized in making autocontrol elements including optical fiber tubes, fiber optic sensors, fiber amplifiers, optoelectronic switches, proximity switches, tag sensors, magnetic switches, DIN-rail power supply, area sensors and photo sensors. Various types of our current sensors have been widely used in industrial machinery & equipment and automatic assembly lines of plastic, light industry, shoemaking industry, textiles, chemical industry, petroleum, tobacco, food industry, metallurgy and electric power field, for the purpose of spacing, positioning, detection, automatic counting, speed measurement, automatic protection, signal transmission, protection, isolation, etc. At present, our products are mainly sold domestically. And we also work as the OEM/ODM of well-known foreign enterprises, with the sensor output increasing day by day.At present, the products of F&C are well-designed and manufactured by product components of world famous manufacturers. We also established branches in Taiwan, Dongguan, etc. We will always adhere to our business philosophy of providing “top quality products and professional services”.

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