Manufacturer of confectioned cables, mounted wires, cables with connectors, complete cable lashes and cable harnesses (also known as wire harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly and wiring loom), for the automotive industry, aeronautics, construction and mining machineries, devices or equipments, automation, robotics, computers and IT, audio industry, household appliances etc… We deliver, even one cable harness, in 24 hours anywhere in Europe, 48 hours anywhere in the World. The company offers excellent quality at competitive prices! We are looking for customers who needs confectioned cable lashes or cable harnesses, mounted wires or cables with connectors, for their own use or trade companies to resell our products. We are also looking for cable harnesses manufacturing companies who need a subcontractor to produce their own products in our company´s facility.We are an AA ranked company by Bisnode, which means that the financial risk of a business relation with us is very low!

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