We are exporters of fresh, preserved and also frozen fruits such as cherry, sourcherry, plums, apples and bananas since 2003 and we are based in afyonkarahisar, turkey.... We sell; fresh turkish cherry (sized and sorted in 5 kg carton boxes or punnets etc.) Sourcherry (in oneway plastic boxes) stanley variety plums( cut in halves too) apples (nearly all varieties available) bananas (available all season) preserved cherry for processing purpose (in 220 lt food grade drums) frozen fruits (such as cherry, sourcherry, strawberry etc.Etc. Frozen vegetables we already supply european, russian and arabic firms... Our customers are mainly importers, hypermarkets or customers who just want us to handle (sizing sorting and packing services) their fruits... Our cold storages and cherry handling machinery are based in afyonkarahisar city where huge amount of fruits are grown...This is advantage for us to be in the middle of all the orchards. Our policy is to be your partner and this is why we have long relationships with all of our customers. So please contact us for more information about our services...Regards,

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