Cromaris d.d. is a leading Croatian company for aquaculture farming, processing and sale of two native species of white fish, sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and sea bream (Sparus aurata). In addition to domestic sales, the company boasts a long presence on the international European market, so the fish is exported to the markets of the European Union where it sells annually about 60% of the total production. Total annual production in 2013 will amount to 4.000 tons. It is planned to increase capacity to 10.000 tonnes till 2020, which will provide Cromaris among several major manufacturers in the Mediterranean. Besides sea bass and sea bream, customers can find new type of white fish "Adriatic Corvina” (Argyrosomus Regius), Mussels and Oysters from Lim nature Park and fresh gutted fish packed in CA that retain the freshness and quality to 10 days. In addition to fresh fish, Cromaris has developed a program of delicious smoked and marinated fillets of sea bass and sea bream.

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