SUGINO, a machine manufacturer in Japan, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable, high quality products like ultrahigh-pressure water jet equipment, wet jet dispersing device, laboratory dry mill, Biomass nanofibers and precision machines and tools. We develop our own ideas, create our own solutions, sell our own products and provide services. SUGINO’s products are industrial supplies that may not be visible to ordinary consumers, but play a key role at various sites in a wide range of industries. Our products are countlessly used in industries including electronics, energy, cars, aircrafts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, engineering and construction, foodstuff, digital ink and so on.

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12825 Sugino Selfeeder Pneumatic Drilling Catalog N2204E
12826 revo series catalog
12827 superoll catalog
12828 selffeder electric (ES type)
12829 Sugino Pump

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