The core of our business is rubber technology, providing development and customised solutions for the handling of fluids and gases for automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers. Codan has a long history in the design and manufacture of rubber products to International standards and customers’ exact specifications. The quality standards we work with are both international and customer based. For the Automotive area TS16949 for Industry ISO9001 and for the environment ISO 14001.Codan is a global supplier of rubber hose and fluid handling systems to the automotive industry. Our hoses and systems are used by vehicle manufacturers and 1st Tier suppliers. All plants are TS16949 - ISO14001 or ISO9001 accredited and in addition we have many OEM audit approvals. Codan produce straight and shaped rubber hoses plus complete hose systems encompassing plastic tubes, manipulated metal pipes and quick assembly fittings. In addition we produce rubber mouldings and extruded sealing systems as part of a range that covers almost all rubber applications in a car or commercial vehicle today. CODAN offers an extensive range of extruded and mandrel-built hoses produced from the most advanced materials and production processes. Codan’s flexible hose systems are specified for respiratory equipment, construction and farming machinery, food processing, gas and welding appliances and for use in manufacturing industry. Rubber hose prod

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