The plastics people Westlake Plastics is a world leading manufacturer in extrusion and compression molding technologies of high performance thermoplastics. We convert a full range of thermoplastic resins into stock shapes. Our medical business unit offers extruded and compression molded high performance thermoplastics for use in the medical and orthopaedic devices industry. All medical products comply to ISO 10993, USP Class VI and FDA approved base resins. All our products are lot controlled and traceable. Westlake Plastics was the first company to introduce colored medical grade Polypropylene, now well known as Propylux HS. Westlake Plastics Europe also offers polymer machining services for orthopaedic use. Customers can expect : - Contract manufacturing of a wide range of devices - A large scale of medical grade stock shape materials such as PC, PP, PEI, PPSU, UHMW-PE... and also for industrial use such as ABS, ECTFE, HDPE, PC, PP, PEI, POM, PPSU, PS, PSO, PVDF (in rods, sheets, slabs, films) - Modern equipment among which the latest CNC machines - Competitive prices Westlake Plastics Europe is a ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. Further information: Westlake Plastics Europe

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