Manufacture, machining and sale of technical-grade ceramic. Machining of technical-grade ceramic: Dry presses up to 100 t, extruders up to max. diameter of 150 mm, turning and milling machines, thread boring machines, automatic glazing machines, various wet saws, sharpening up to the µ range. Ceramics for technical applications: NH-fuses, insulating components, heating conductors, stud terminals, bushes and counter bushes, Rillen insulation, terminal board connections, insulating beads, heat ceramics, ceramics for heating engineering. Custom-made ceramic parts: Range of switches (light switches), joss stick holders, razors and brushes, covers, mixing trays for medical technology, various feedthroughs, any special customer requests. Ceramic pipes: Pipes of 0.6-150 mm from C130, C410, C520 and C610, multihole pipes up to a length of 1500 mm.

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