Nosted mechanika, UAB is a company with extensive experience in the production of TRYGG anti-skid wheel chains and snow clearing, light forestry, lifting equipment of IGLAND. TRYGG chains have been known since 1939 and it is a synonym of reliability and quality. We produce TRYGG chains of various types, sizes, thicknesses and weights for cars, ATVs, trucks and buses, heavy-duty snow clearing, forestry, agriculture, fishing industry and construction vehicles. The most popular IGLAND products are: winches for hauling logs, wood splitters and processors, snow blowers, sand spreaders, rear blades, snow-plows, pallet forks, multigrips, grapples and dozer blades. Our newest articles are: bale grabbers, stone buckets, lifters for fertilizer bags and buckets for pouring materials. Nosted mechanika also offers such services like: sheet steel laser cutting, CNC cutting, turning, milling, bending; metal surface preparation by shot blasting before painting and painting.

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