Bolu ABANT organic fertilizer industry, researchers, and innovative staff to provide the new generations to grow up with healthier produced foods, factors that affect human health by improving plant nutrition, more healthy, Fed and safe was established with the aim to contribute to the creation of communities. ABANT while producing products for the solution of needs and problems of the agricultural sector, our farmers and by preventing the increase of the money into the pockets of the foreign currency, aims to contribute to the country's economy. Our plant was established on an area of 20,000 m2. With a capacity of 50,000 tons per year, is one of the industry's leading manufacturers. Our products stabilization exercises necessary research and analysis completed at accredited institutions and has been approved. In line with our principle of sustainable and safe production, our analyses are periodically carried out by accredited organizations. R & D conscious consumers with qualified products quickly working to add new products to the service of SPLIT in a continuous loop that will come with the new products that will continue to be the solution to the consumer's problems. Our mission the focus of Agriculture, and organically developed to increase efficiency and quality for healthy plant nutrition products manufacturer and Solution Partner for the problems in the service and the consumer is always to be sustainable is to ensure that waste is bringing back to life

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