ARBOS begins a new chapter in its history, whose future is linked to the ambitious “One Belt, One Road” project, the modern Silk Road linking East and West, with a path able to transfer technologies, ideas and culture, considering sustainability and environmental protection. Backed by the brand’s glorious past whose values have been safeguarded, brought to light again and enhanced by major efforts on recovery and relevance to the present day, ARBOS bases its strategy on Italian engineering characterised by product quality with great attention to style, ergonomics and the technological features validated by the world’s most advanced testing. Following these guidelines ARBOS will deliver on the market agricultural machinery such as tractors, combines and implements in line with the specific customer needs. Following an exclusive business model able to make the most of the synergies of technology and cultural exchange between East and West, ARBOS aims to supply a product for the global market, maximising the value of the investment with useful, efficient technologies and with an extraordinary level of comfort.

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