Our employees on this road
The most important way is our friends.
We are not a source of them,
as a valuable asset for our company and our cultural know-how.
When we tried to source them, they added value to us.
We have been together and intertwined for many years.
Without them, there would be no Bedirhan.

35 years ago, we set out to transfer transport to logistics. Every innovation, every developing technology and ever-changing methods have been our driving force for renewing ourselves. We are among the most important players in the sector. This position has placed greater responsibilities on us and we are making more efforts to improve ourselves on the way we are pioneers.

Every job is like a human being. You must make a lot of effort at birth. Sometimes it deprives you of sleepless, and sometimes leads you to efforts you never knew before. He wants constant attention and constant devotion. In time, it grows, some stones fit into place. But your interest in him never ends. Only responsibilities change.

Ever since we entered the sector, we have always approached our business with this idea. In addition to the responsibility of establishing a business, we have placed ethical and self-sacrificing sensitivity among our basic dynamics as we train a person. The position and reputation we have gained in the transportation sector today is the product of these efforts.

Thanks to all these efforts, dedication, principles and perspective, Bedirhan Group today has become a family of 9 companies, 2 of which are overseas, operating in the sectors of transportation, logistics, customs clearance, promotion and subsidiary sectors of these sectors. We are proud to be members of such a family. In order to increase the added value we provide to our country, we pursue different investments day by day.

In the future, our creations and technological development of our company will continue. Every day, we will continue to pursue learning something new, with the effort to transform what we learn into ideas, to move our ideas into action, to move our movement into investment.

Yours truly,

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