URSUS includes the development of the mechanization of Polish agriculture for more than 120 years, the experience and experience of industrial traditions on the basis of national capital. Our machines are used by successive Poles. URSUS is undoubtedly the oldest Polish brand of vehicles, machinery and equipment produced for the needs of agriculture.

The company's business profile is the production and sale of tractors and agricultural machinery. In its product range, URSUS focuses on manufacturing quality and modern design. In this respect, our products are no lower than world leaders, and by adding well-tried agricultural machines to our offer, URSUS SA offers completely new opportunities for a wide range of products. The main idea of the company is the production of various machines and devices marked with European quality and good price.

URSUS SA is the only company in the agricultural machinery and equipment sector listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Currently, our activities are focused on the promotion of the trademark in both Poland and export markets.

URSUS SA traditionally represents Polish capital. We have production facilities in Biedaszki Małe near Lublin, Dobre Miasto, Kętrzyn and Opalenica. In addition to the tractors in the Lublin area, there are also Grand Tiger collection vehicles with double doors, 170 HP diesel engine and four-wheel drive. URSUS SA's products meet the expectations and needs of all generation farmers, combining excellent tradition with modernity and high quality.

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