Since 1988, the Anderson Group has started production of agricultural equipment to facilitate straw storage.

In January 1995, with the purchase of a laser cutter, it improved the quality of our products and enabled us to sign new projects.

In February 2003, the Anderson Group acquired a daily loader and individual packaging manufacturer to expand its product range.

In 2005, Anderson Group developed a self-loading bale carrier for round bales. A man and a tractor are designed to load and unload 20 bales at the same time.

WRAPTOR ™ is started. All-in-one equipment for handling and wrapping hay. This system allows a man and a tractor to finish the job.

In September 2009, Anderson Group introduced Biobaler. It can collect most biomass and turn it into 4 ′ × 4 ′ bales.

The Anderson Group has more than 120 employees. The factory is 87,000 ft2. Anderson continues to add more products to its product range to better meet the needs of farmers and global trends.

Anderson Group has nearly doubled the size of its plant and has a total of 130,000 m2 Ft. State-of-the-art facilities Technology Development confirms its position as a leader in the production of better-designed agricultural equipment. The introduction of the PRO-CHOP 150 bale processor was launched for both chopping and distributing hay. The perfect solution for garbage and nutrition.

To make continuous innovation, Anderson adds TMR vertical mixers to its product range.

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