ALPS AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is Turkey's largest companies and is one of the few leading companies in the agricultural equipment sector. Umurlu Organized Industrial Zone is located in a closed area of 30,000m2, a total of 50,000 m2 established in modern facilities. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINES, with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to produce better and better quality products with more than 200 creative, productive and experienced employees are moving towards the future with confidence and synergy.

As a means of quality control, ALPLER does not allow others to influence the quality of its products for this purpose. ALP ÇELİK, ALP BOLT, ALPLER group with bolt production facility, ALP ÇELİK rolling mill established in Izmit has achieved an integrated and high quality production dimension. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY maintains its leadership in the business world as the only company that manufactures all parts and raw materials for finished products in its own plants and applies heat treatment in its modern plants.

ALPS AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY as a result of many years of experience, has the most extensive production and after-sales service program in Turkey; The Company has adopted the total quality and customer-oriented management policies and farmers in Turkey and in the world, offers the possibility to choose the soundest. MOST RELIABLE… MOST RELIABLE… MOST FAVORITE İ plows. These plows provide ease of use with all tractor brands in any soil condition. ALPLER has become a recognized, reliable and demanded brand both in domestic and foreign markets.

Since 1926, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has remained a private company and today the company is the third generation property of the Özalp family. In order to meet market needs, we attach great importance to integration with advanced production technologies and research worldwide. Most manufacturing work involves the use of robot welders and CNC machining to ensure high quality assurance during production. Furthermore, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY carries out its activities in accordance with the technical requirements of the European Union and has been operating under ISO 9001 quality system since 2004.

The company has an annual production capacity of 30,000 units of various types of plows; in other words, ALPS AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY plows can meet all the demands of the individual in Turkey. In addition, integrated, and dynamic marketing policy by adopting the perfect, all kinds of more than 300 dealers and regional warehouse anywhere in Turkey has been supplying spare parts and products. Furthermore, periodical regional and domestic customer visits are prepared by the company to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.

Due to its high performance, long life and low operating costs, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY will continue to make professional farmer selection.

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