AKYAPAK, with a total of 25 thousand square meters of indoor space with the technological production facilities and Bursa as well as a source of pride for Turkey ... was established in Bursa in 1962 AKYAPAK, perseverance shown from the first day, following innovations and technology closely has come to its present position is recognized worldwide.

AKYAPAK the production and management center in Bursa, 320 persons developed by experienced staff with training in Turkey and continues to shape technology in the world.

Akyapak markets its products to the world with different brands; sheet, tube and pipe bending machines AKBEND in, in this world and in Turkey in the production and supply solutions for AKDRILL where the drilling line of the pioneers AKWELD ...
Oxy and plasma cutting machines and many different sectors in the booming industry needs the product range again produces with its main brand AKYAPAK.

AKYAPAK offers high quality production and application solutions to its customers in many fields that shape the global economy such as automotive, marine, aviation, construction, heating-cooling, energy, petrochemical, defense industry.

Today, AKYAPAK machines are used in factories of world giants such as Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson and Rolls Royce, and Turkish Aerospace and Defense Industry organizations such as TAI and ROKETSAN.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Formula 1 Istanbul Park tribunes, Dubai Eye and Turkmenbashi Port Project with famous buildings such as cars, motorcycles, ships, airplanes, airports, bridges, stadiums, steel construction buildings, skyscrapers, wind turbines, gas stations, such as life AKYAPAK machines are the signature of many tools and structures that can be encountered in almost every field in the production and construction processes.

Akyapak of both Turkey and rigorous quality control processes at the beginning of one of the features that make the first choice throughout the world, each piece carefully passing the controls used in manufacturing and world-branding comes from the use of materials.
AKYAPAK's production philosophy is the same high quality and customer-oriented approach in all processes from order acceptance to product assembly.

CE, ISO 9001: 2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates formally prove AKYAPAK's quality and high standards.

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