The story of AZ began in 1953 under the name of Zanrosso in the field of automotive after-sales service with the production of brake drums and lathes for vehicle discs. Tecnodue was founded in 1976 and specialized in garage equipment such as two-mast lifts and gas analyzers. Over the years, products have been developed to become the world leader in machine tools for engine reconstruction, marine engines and rail engines.

Over the next few years, AZ has grown to be a leader in the production of 14-meter crankshaft grinding machines for energy, locomotives and offshore sites. AZ has sold more than 3000 crankshafts and grinding machines all over the world, which has allowed AZ to be called the “Crankshaft Expert”. In 2006 a new challenge came. With AZ's experience, they entered the market of special grinding machines, especially for aviation. AZ's goal is to solve the specific problems of the milling process by offering the customer a special machine to meet their needs. AZ spa is an ISO9001 quality system certified by DNV GL. A large number of qualified and loyal customers and AZ's presence in more than 90 locations around the world show its proven success.

AZ's mission to design and design every machine needed by each customer and to solve specific grinding problems specific to complex workpiece shapes. Thanks to a team of professional and leading engineers, AZ is capable of providing advanced technological solutions and performance machines.

Customized solutions and quick response

Direct responsibility at every stage of the production process

Short lead times

Fast and efficient help


Innovation has always been AZ's primary visionary goal. Innovation stands for continuous improvement in products and cooperation with the university, research and development, staff shared with customers and internal staff for service and assistance. AZ offers a service system that enables them to offer technologically advanced and reliable products. Metrics, movements, controls have been selected from the top procurement leaders worldwide and, combined with AZ's engineering creativity, produce the most sophisticated product range on the market today.

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