To become the best known Turkish brand in the world pasta industry.


To be a company that focuses on the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the pasta sector, producing quality products, expanding its advertising and marketing network, increasing brand awareness in national and international areas, being aware of the social responsibility, being sensitive to the environment, providing added value to the national economy, creating awareness by initiating R & D activities. .


Besler pasta (Bessen Pasta Gıda San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.), including Turkey's largest flour mill, as well as oil, starch / glucose and Five operating in the feed sector as the Group's investment in the pasta industry, July 5, 2004 was established on.

Beşler Macaroni facilities located in Gaziantep Başpınar 1. Organized Industrial Zone; It consists of 18.500 m2 closed area on 37.960 m2 area.

With a production capacity of 380 tons per day, it is one of the largest pasta producers in Turkey.

Turkey's 1000 largest exporter firm between Five Located Pasta, holds its exports significantly in nearly 100 countries, its own Santa Sophia, Besler, Five is gluten-free, from time to time outside Pastacity and Bud brand is engaged in manufacturing with customer's brand. In our facilities, pasta cookie production is also realized with the Kıtlax brand.

240 employees are employed in Beşler Makarna, which has an annual wheat breaking capacity of 155 thousand tons.

General Information:

Annual wheat breaking capacity: 155.000 tons

Wheat storage capacity: 21,000 tons

Number of employees: 240


The supply of raw materials from the day of its operation until the finished product quality and food Bess does not compromise the security Pasta, thanks to consumer-oriented approach All Consumers Protection Association (MOE) awarded the "Golden Brand", also Turkey Food Industry Employers' Association (TÜGİS) by the "Most Successful Company Iyla.

institutionalized since its establishment, to ensure customer satisfaction, business to enter one of the leading companies in the sector by producing value-added partners gives great importance to quality work Bessen Pasta, in this context, Turkey Quality Association (KalDer) coordinated the National Quality Movement participated and made it a result of improvements Awarded 5-star Vakf Competence in Excellence tarafından by the European Quality Foundation (EFQM).

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