We believe in our origin, culture and tradition

The Glem brand belongs to the Glem Gas group, which was established in 1959 in Modena and is located in the heart of this region. This region is proud of its culinary excellence, artistic tradition, passion for the earth, spirit of innovation and the craftsmanship of its people. . The technological and aesthetic content of our products represents your absolute value, a definite and symbolic image of Made in Italy.

Originality, Quality and Pragmatism

For many years in the production of household appliances that have been used for cooking for over fifty years, Glem Gas has been steadily and uncompromisingly committed to the ideals that Glem Gas continues to pursue with flame-free power. Originality, quality, pragmatism, aesthetically satisfying, functional design, products, performance, reliability and safety in terms of creating a very special products constantly guiding our search for design principles, product contact points, brand communication are our basic core values. and ergonomic.

For us, authenticity means returning to the roots of products that collect emotional memory, redesign traditional languages in a contemporary language, and transform the beauty of craftsmanship into the industrial process.

Focusing on the harmony between quality, shape and materials, it is synonymous with the production, implementation, and knowledge of materials, technology and processes.

Pragmatism makes use of our research by considering the usefulness of the product, the indispensable for the human being, by offering various options.

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