Lubella continues the honourable tradition set by its great founders by constantly evolving to include new technologies and expanding the production facilities. The company built a modern production and warehouse complex at Wrotkowska Street, including the largest and most modern pasta production line in Poland. This project not only increased the production capacity, but, thanks to the modern technology, enabled the production of high quality pasta.

In 2007, the Krauze Mill was modernized again, making it one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Lubella purchased shares in Arnos, which is a leading manufacturer of pasta in the Romanian market.


Currently, Lubella is a definite leader in the pasta market in Poland and a leading manufacturer in Romania. It is also a well-known and respected producer of flour, groats, breadsticks, and cereals. Lubella, thanks to the passion of its employees and their commitment to each stage of the product process, is today synonymous with quality in cereal products. Lubella continues to gain more loyal consumers, who can trust the experience borne out of a 130 year tradition.

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