We are Europe's largest manufacturer-independent supplier of refurbished used cranes which are modernised and rebuild according to customer specifications as well as manufacturer of brand new cranes.

Taking into account the desired delivery time and investment volume you decide whether your new crane will be a workshop overhauled crane with completely renewed control system and new mechanical and electrical system or a brand new crane.

We constantly have more than 250 cranes in the load range of 1t - 200t in stock and are with the TeichmannGroup highly flexible with 4 production sites and a total of 10 locations in Germany and Switzerland.

Even after delivery of your crane, we are at your side!

With a unique stock and Europe's largest spare parts warehouse, we can always offer a wide range of individual components and spare parts - in an emergency we even borrow the right part from one of our 250 used cranes at short notice until the new delivery arrives.

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