Our company has been working in this particular sector for more than 50 years, enjoying a constant qualitative and technological growth and able to offer an extremely wide range.

Our jacks have marked their presence over the years thanks to their high reliability and long life not to mention their practicality and elegance.

Each jack, made with special prime quality materials, is inspected and tested before leaving our factory.Thanks to our high quality product we have reached high levels on leading European and non-European markets.


Quality control

Quality, in our opinion, starts with the choice of materials that are accurately selected and provided with technical data sheets certifying the technical and mechanical features as well as the chemical analysis.
But the process does not stop here: it follows the machining and assembly phases till the presentation of the final product.
This allowed us to guarantee our jacks during the time, offering reliability and success.

Final test and inspection
Each single jack made undergoes final testing and inspection for more than an hour with and inspection for more than an hour with automatic devices besides the ordinary tests established by the European Standards. It is then checked once again to guarantee its perfect working order.

Our company is ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM certified.
All our products are conform to the MACHINE DIRECTIVE 93/44EEC, EN1494, 98/37/EEC, 2006/42/EEC and GOST.

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