Grm Girman` has become a name symbolizing quality & excellence in the field of crankshaft pulley manufacturing since its inception in 1996. Our in - house capability & state of the art automotive engineering enables us to manufacture reverse engineered after O.E. references any type of Crankshaft pulley, harmonic balancer, Water pump pulley Steering pump, Flywheel with single mass, Fork clutch for cars and commercial vehicles, together with 50 repair kits containing the respective pulley with the matching screws and washer. Our product range of pulleys includes also Start-stop pulleys in a large range of applications namely Automotive. We have developed a very extensive range of crankshafts pulley for a strong aftermarket.

The manufacturing of the crankshafts is done with the latest equipment’sinstrumentstechnologies and highly skilled workforce which provide exceptional control over the entire process of manufacturing the crankshafts pulleyAll the crankshafts are manufactured to exact O.E specifications and on CNC linesto ensure precision at every stage.

Passenger, commercial and heavy commercial vehicles for their European, American and Asian applications are produced with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 2701: 2013 TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 ve certificates under one roof in GRM Girman.

Our capability has expanded to produce crankshafts pulley up to 15,000 fully per month.

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