The company was founded in 1936 by Apostolis Stavridis and associate in sale of tinsmith products, In 1975 the company transferred to Vasilios Stavridis.In 1986 the company is formed to G.P. ( General Partnership ) and the brand name is Vasilios Stavridis G.P.  

In 1988 the company covering a total indoor space of 2500 sq.m. in an area of 12500 sq.m

In 1996 makes a new step to marketplace of Steel Center Service, In 2017 the Company reach to 5 production machines 

is one of the first tinsmith stores were in Thessaloniki which aimed to find the best quality products and give them to the customers.

have priority the continuous improvement thrοugh the development of machines. The factory have fιve machines which two used to cutting steel(cut to length lines) and the other three slitting lines steel.



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