Respo Haagised AS was founded in 1990 and today we are Estonia's leading car trailer manufacturer. We believe that our development and success will continue to depend on thousands of customers who choose Respo trailers and that we are fully committed to our customers. The mission of Respo Haagised AS is to produce, sell and repair trailers for automobiles and vans and their accessories, as well as after-sales maintenance. Our wish is to provide high quality complete solutions to its customers. Quality The engineering experience of our designers, 3D CAD technology and continuous testing of the products ensure that the quality requirements of each trailer are met. Automated production, up-to-date machine tools and the use of high-quality components ensure long-term use of Respo trailers. All our trailers comply with the requirements of various EU directives, the components are tested in EU laboratories and the trailers have type approval certificates. Products and product development Respo's product range includes various box trailers, vans, platforms, trailers for the transport of boats, water scooters, small speed engines, horses, dogs, snowmobiles, snow blowers, cars and so on. In addition to standard trailers, we offer flexible customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Continuous product development and the development of existing models have always been our priority. We work with scientists from Tartu University and Tallinn University of Technology to develop new and lasting solutions that fit your needs. Accessories, spare parts, maintenance and repair Given the different needs of different customers, we offer a wide range of accessories from tool boxes, side panel extensions, support stands and wheels to electric winches, tarpaulin tops and flap covers. As Respo is renowned for the quality of its trailers, the spare parts and accessories we offer are also durable and high quality. We also offer after-sales maintenance and repair services. Tie-bars If necessary, we provide tie-bars and their installation at affordable prices. Respo Haagised AS is the official importer of products manufactured by Auto-Hak and Steinhof in Estonia. We also order tow bars from other manufacturers all over Europe, so we can supply tow bars continuously for almost all cars. Markets Respo is the market leader in the five largest trailer manufacturers in Estonia, Finland and Latvia and in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. We sell trailers to Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and Kenya.

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