In 1973, Hema Hydraulic Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. was established in Çerkezköy Industrial Zone of Tekirdağ to produce Gear Pumps in order to meet the needs of the foreign-dependent Turkish industry. was established with the name.

Over the years, Hema has increased the number of its products and services. Today, as one of Turkey's leading automotive engineering companies, Tractors, Construction Machinery has become a global company engaged in production.

In 1998, the company name HEMA Endüstri A.Ş. has been changed to.

Competing with the world's leading companies, Hema Industry constantly increases its production quality and efficiency by investing in new technology. The importance it attaches to quality and customer satisfaction has made HEMA Industry an important OEM supplier in the sectors it serves.

Hema Industry is powered by more than 3000 experienced and trained personnel for the development progress.


To be one of the best technological system manufacturers of the world with innovative solutions in Automotive, Defense Industry and Aviation sectors in 2023, which is the 50th anniversary of our company.


To motor and motor vehicle manufacturers all over the world; Providing Hydraulic Systems, Powertrain and Engine Units; to be an innovative, flexible, just-in-time, customer-oriented, continuously developing stakeholders, setting industry and product standards, using advanced technology, respecting people and the environment.

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5502 hema product
5503 transmission system for tractor
5504 monobloc hydraulic valve
5505 directional control valve
5506 gear pumps
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