Yapıtaş Kablo & Profil, which was established in 1976, has realized many firsts in the field of cable production in our country by focusing on the production of special cables having high dependence on the foreign sector in the beginning of 2000 with the slogan "Special products for difficult conditions". The production of cables with special application areas such as fluoropolymer insulated cables and thermocouple cables was among the first of these. As a result of the success of the current point reached, a cable-type Building Blocks Cable & Profile is the only manufacturer in Turkey, both domestically, as well as customers from all over the world, production is realized in the framework of quality standards. Today, Yapıtaş Kablo & Profil increases its product diversity and production capacity with its renewed factory, technological investments and R & D activities carried out with the principle of "continuous development", and continuously increases the customer satisfaction and quality target. Our main cable types; Fluoropolymer insulated cables, silicone rubber insulated cables, thermocouple cables, glass fiber braided silicone cables, nickel conductor cables, cables operating at + 800 ° C, are designed according to customer demands and / or working conditions. In addition to cable production, silicone rubber hoses, door and facade profiles and silicone parts are the other products in the production portfolio.
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