Crown Equipment Corporation in Ohio, New Bremen, USA, has been a family-run business since its inception in 1945. Today, Crown specializes in state-of-the-art material handling solutions and is specialized in the most advanced material handling solutions. 14,000 people worldwide. Crown's European head office in Munich, Germany is the administrative center that coordinates the activities of all Crown subsidiaries and dealers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA), including product development, distribution and marketing. Crown also has a tightly connected international network that combines fully equipped facilities with authorized dealers to provide the best possible on-site support to customers throughout the region. One of Crown's main production facilities for forklifts for European and global customers is located in Roding, Germany.

Crown's robust, efficient lift vehicles reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the warehouse and have earned the company a reputation for advanced product design, intelligent engineering, proven reliability and high efficiency. In addition to a comprehensive range of lift trucks, Crown also develops automation and fleet management technologies. This combination provides superior added value for customers who benefit from innovative products and solutions designed to improve real-time logistics performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Crown has always prioritized long-term customer relationships over short-term profits.

Versatile product range accepted by multiple awards

Crown's product portfolio includes versatile, durable, long-life forklifts for virtually any application and any industry - from the unique, multifunctional WAVE® Work Aid to pallet trucks and narrow aisle turret trucks and balancing. They all share something in common - exceptional ergonomics and ease of use, as well as a commitment to highest quality and productivity. Crown has won many national and international awards and awards for its products.

With QuickPick® Remote, Crown offers a unique innovative order picking technology. The system significantly improves traditional order picking processes and increases order picking efficiency by up to 25 percent. Since its launch in 2014, QuickPick Remote has won five celebrity awards for its outstanding innovation and effectiveness, including the IFOY Award (International Forklift of the Year), the iF Design Award and the German Design Award. In April 2015, Crown expanded the system to another application. The new QuickPick Remote Lift Technology controls the lowering and lifting functions of Crown's ES 4000 and ET 4000 stackers.

Crown's product range is complemented by InfoLink®, an innovative and high-performance fleet management solution. The intuitive, user-friendly interface gives decision-makers instant access to a wide range of meaningful information about parameters such as truck usage, energy consumption and repair costs. InfoLink received the 2013 IFOY Award in the “Forklift Solutions” category.

Crown's Access 1 2 3® control system provides secure access to trucks, truck status updates and PIN code for a comprehensive internal diagnostic function. Second, it allows engineers to test and troubleshoot components without removing covers or connecting laptops or handheld devices.

In May 2015, Crown launched two new events in the innovative, gas-powered C-5 Series and highly versatile SC 6000 electric three- and four-wheel forklifts in the balancing truck segment with a five-year warranty.

Production - Made in Bavaria

Crown's vertically integrated production is unique in the industry and allows the company to strictly control product quality and sustainability and flexibly respond to the most complex and detailed customer requirements. Up to 85 percent of the components used in Crown products are developed and manufactured by Crown in-house. The modular design of Crown lift trucks means that spare parts can be easily found, because the same components are used in multiple series and models. In Europe, spare parts are distributed by the parts center in Munich, delivering parts directly to engineers or customer sites in the UK's core European markets overnight.

Crown manufactures products for the European market and performs a wider global distribution at the company's production facility in Roding, Bavaria. Initially the plant produced only hand pallet trucks and truck parts. Crown's entire production operations in Europe now focus on a range of truck models ranging from pallet trucks to low-order order pickers and trucks with a lift height of up to 13 meters. In mid-2014, Crown increased its production capacity in Roding.

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