With the knowledge, experience and experience that Kolat family has added to us for many years, Kolat Motorcycle Inc. It was established. In 2013, our company started to produce Falcon branded motorcycles, scooters and electric bikes with the slogan 'The Name of Freedom' in its facility.

With an annual production capacity of one hundred thousand motorcycles in our 20,000 m2 facility, our Falcon motorcycles are produced under European standards 'EEC' certificate and passed through all tests at the quality control point. Our company has a mission in the sense of trust, quality, originality, diversity and modernization in production, quality control, sales and after-sales services by taking into consideration the constantly changing market conditions in the sector.

In addition, the Company accelerated our dialogues with international companies in terms of quality, model diversity and modernization with R & D activities on a corporate basis, and in this direction, we cooperated with world giant companies.

Serious steps have been taken to offer the highest quality product for the cheapest price without worrying about loss. Falcon motorcycle our company by our sales and after-sales services in every region of Turkey on mutual trust, diligence and dealer network of over communications based on 300 and our customers with service points, more than 400 have been presented on time best service. Since the day it was established, it has carried out its activities with the logic of olma being a family ında at dealers and service points and will continue this philosophy at all times.

Falcon Our motorcycle that all of our users like the original design, high performance, up to 30 percent fuel savings, variety of models and carrying the first of its kind in Turkey, 5 spd a groundbreaking been on the market with 100 cc motorcycle and has left its mark on the industry by drawing all the attention.

Always a pioneer in the motorcycle industry, Falcon will continue to make its mark in the sector with the production of 200cc and 250cc top-segment motorcycles and new flc branded motorcycle oil and various Falcon branded motorcycle batteries.

Our company is referred to as the voices of Anatolia in Turkey 'Name of Freedom' to produce with the slogan that Falcon was carrying branded motorcycles in the sector Our market share in high and leader in Turkey has been among the brands. Our target is to strengthen the export with 100% domestic production and reach the place we deserve in the international market.

Kolat Motor AŞ. We are proud to offer the best service to our customers with our Falcon motorcycles, dedicated professional management team and dedicated and diligent efforts of our technical personnel.

It is our job to be different ...

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