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In 1973, Willibald Nöthen founded NWS with its experienced staff (Nöthen Werkzeuge Solingen) after the disintegration of Europe's largest vehicle brand ter Walter Gott.. He successfully combined change and tradition. Over the course of more than 40 years NWS has become an accepted industry and trade brand. Various awards for the function, quality and design of hand tools have been advertised for us to focus on innovation. New developments and patents also guarantee exclusivity and expansion. Today, NWS is a product brand that determines the customers' function, quality and focus, with good tools and increased competence for appropriate production depth.

The recipe for success, developed by Willibald Nöthen, is based on the "Made in Germany" quality for professional craftsmen and the philosophy of having advanced functions and an attractive design. The intelligent combination of tried-and-tested manual production techniques and state-of-the-art machine processes guarantees first-class quality and maintains the ideal balance between tradition and innovation. Safety and ergonomic design, health and environmental compatibility, high-quality materials and creative detailed tool solutions are the focus of our development and production processes. The highest level of workmanship, adherence to strict quality criteria and standards, and outstanding final quality control procedures ensure a specific vehicle standard. Always review the details of ways to improve the functionality, quality, and design of our vehicles, paying attention to detail and constantly.

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