“The UN 19 was founded in 1967 by two brothers Giovanni and Rino Bastianello in Montorso Vicentino.

BM srl has always been in the industrial zone of the North-East of Italy in Montorso. The owners' special emotional ties to their origins have inspired Logo and the company's name.

The UN's range of production is the largest in the market.
The UN specializes exclusively in the manufacture of mobs for saws to cut blocks of marble and granite. Because of this expertise, the UN gained international leadership in the market.
All of the UN's gang saws are enriched with special technical improvements that are being worked out to solve all the nonconformities and problems of conventional gang saws. The result is a renewed production of excellent gang saws, judged by major international experts at the best quality level. Of the market.

Due to the experience gained after more than 50 years, the UN can guarantee:

tailored solutions for every customer all over the world
Professional after-sales service
All problems caused by the use of the machine by qualified personnel under different environmental conditions and different stone types have been successfully solved.

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9672 BM Super 2016 single marble blade
9673 BM Diamond BM 10/15
9674 BM Kodiak 2018 catalogue
9675 BM Monofil 2019 brochure
9676 BM MULTIFILO KODIAK 2016 brochure
9677 BM Maxfil800 lowres 2018 BROCHURE
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