Since 1967 ERMO produces ploughing and agricultural machinery for those who work in the fields. What makes the difference is the ability of its machinery to adapt to every mechanical and physical condition - even the harshest ones. ERMO ploughs can be set according to specific needs on the field and are suitable for lighter tasks as well as for reaching deep areas and trenching.

From our own experience, we know that those who work in the fields only have one request - to avail themselves of well-performing, quick, and strong machineries to plough through soil clumps, whichever the type of soil. This is why we are driven to be uncompromising, first of all towards ourselves; we build agricultural machinery able to efficiently plough soil, with just the appropriate amount of strength.

We are aware that farmers and agriculture contractors benefit from working with precision machinery, as this leads to improvement of productivity and long-term returns. To us, strength, excellent resistance-weight ratio, time and fuel, flexibility and ease of use are fundamental features.

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