Only people with a long history like ours can keep up with the future.
Azienda Fort, outside view of the plant.
Fort was funded by a group of tradesmen in the 1970s and first entered the market producing small agricultural machinery such as rotary cylinders and diesel tractors for the cultivation of farmland and vineyard care.

The company reached its first milestone in the design of hiking tractors: Fort, thanks to its experience in technology, quality and expertise, was a great success in the field.

In the 1980s, Fort made a major qualitative leap that appealed to the construction industry and expanded its product range. He began to design and produce mini tractors, buffered, tracked vehicles and small-scale scrapers, as well as many accessories such as frontal rods, plows and plows, trailer trailers, water carts, harvesting mowers, olive pickers for soil transfer. brush, snow removal, leaf collector and others.

In recent years, we have expanded our product range with niche products for small farmers and kindergartens. In addition, in order to support environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture and prevent harmful emissions, we have devoted part of our operative structure to the creation of electrical machines.

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