Carpets and rugs are among the oldest weaving products of Anatolia. Turks knew how to weave carpets and rugs even in Central Asia. Taking the animal hide as an example, the woolen yarns knotted so that the ends are free and the covers and mats they made turned into handicrafts on which hundreds of motifs were finely embroidered in a color harmony. Carpet art in the world is a gift of the Turks to the world civilization. It is an accepted fact that the first knotted carpets were started to be made by the Turks in Central Asia before the third century.


Our experienced team, which has been serving in this sector since 1980, has combined its knowledge and experience gained over the years with a young, dynamic, investigative and contemporary perspective. By institutionalizing with the brands of W Halı and Liv Halı, it has started to make a name for itself in the domestic and international markets.


Rugs shaped by architectural designs have been realized in hundreds of corporate and thousands of individual applications. W Halı, which stands out with its expert consultancy and projecting services in the sector, aims not to compromise on speed and quality. Our company, which produces special carpets in the desired size, can skillfully perform single or mixed applications of hand woven wool and silk carpets, axminster carpet, printed tufting carpet, tile carpet, handtuft carpet, machine woven carpet options.


For the W Halı team, which adopts the belief that there are values ​​that cannot be bought with money, it is the greatest honor to prioritize stability and reliability in the sector.

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