NACAR watches, ZILA WATCH CO., Which was established in La Heutte in 1924.
It started to be produced in 1929 by the watch factory in Switzerland.
NACAR watches brothers Kevork and Ohannes in 1942
Turkey with attempted entry into the market. Konyalı, in 1998, NACAR’s
acquired all the rights of the world and became the world distributor.
NAC, spread to every region of Turkey close to 400 dealers and
best known for its high quality standard service
and is one of the preferred brands. Next to the NACAR classic line
rank to 300, which is constantly renewed with the latest technological trends and designs
The collection of more than one model comes to mind when it comes to time
It remains one of the first names.
NAC, the first and only 5-year warranty in Turkey, which began in 2005
has proved once again that it is a reliable brand with its service.

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