Tigerlights specializes in led lights for agricultural and industrial equipment. Our lights can be found all over the globe from log loaders in Oregon to transportation vehicles in Antarctica. Our lights come with a custom bracket and wiring harness for a direct fIt for hundreds of different applications. We also supply conversion kits that are plug and play with little to no modifIcation needed. We stock more than 10,000 lights and our inventory is increasing with new applications being developed daily!

Tiger Lights is a family owned manufacturer of LED lights for agricultural and industrial equipment. Skillfully engineered LED lights provide Tiger Lights customers with a wide range of LED lighting from off-the-shelf models to customized products. From our corporate headquarters in Tangent, Oregon to our dealers nationally and internationally, Tiger Lights is ready to assist you with all your lighting requirements.

We use the latest technology and American made components in each light that will provide many years of service. Tiger Lights is the only LED light company that offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our Plug & Play lights because we know our lights are the best out there.

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