Here you will find modern and efficient vine nursery- breaker plough- and planting equipment for professional work.
Our machines are, effectively and profitably used in viticulture, fruit growing, olive growing and in nurseries. We are the predestined partner when it is about clearing or planting of fuel wood plantations and permanent crops.
Planting machines with straight forward control, laser control or GPS control are our specialty. Thus plantings are realized quickly and accurately. Our IPS-Drives are the most modern planting machines for vine planting and tree planting. In the future, this advanced technology will prevail for the steep slope planting.
Our GPS-controlled planting machines provide the basis for the precision vineyards and orchards.
Innovative technology of Wagner is located in more than 50 countries around the world and more than 35 years in use.
Our extensive range of planting machines and breaker ploughs are rounded off by machinery for cultivation of nurseries. Especially the grafting machines and plant lifters are well-known in many wine-growing regions of the world.
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