Gülenler Group, which has been serving in the wood sector since 1979, started to produce office furniture with VITAMO brand in 1999 and became one of the important brands of the sector in a short time. Since its establishment, Vitamo Office Furniture has adopted the principle of providing quality products that facilitate and enrich the business life of its customers and to be a different and preferred company by its customers, employees and competitors. Our relationship with our customers does not end with sales, but starts and continues with the purchase of our products. Our company, acting with an understanding of customer satisfaction and sensitivity to the environment, recognizes the secret of its success, changing customer needs and competitive conditions rapidly and defines our production-sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

Vitamo, being aware of the changing needs of people, always expects its customers and beyond; By designing and presenting modular office furniture that is flexible, pioneering and creative solutions that add value to the lives, differentiating them, quality, ergonomic, aesthetic and suitable for human health. aims to differentiate the lifestyles of its customers, to assist their office life and to improve their quality of life. Therefore, we continue to develop new products, improve and strive to be better and more efficient. Nothing is too good to do better; that's why we work with the philosophy of continuous improvement in everything we do, we combine creativity, aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality, and we create different styles by addressing office furniture from all perspectives.

We accept quality as a philosophy of life from the materials used in design, production to sales and after sales support. Through our creativity, we want to be perceived as always different and creating awareness. By combining our convenient furniture with smart solutions, we support you to turn your workplace into a more pleasant and productive working environment. We offer products that will trigger the creativity of our customers and free choice possibilities, and help create more comfortable, more aesthetic and more ergonomic offices with our knowledge and solutions.

Vitamo attaches importance to office performance of its employees, reflects this importance to its designs and signs products that facilitate business life, and offers ideal, functional, ergonomic and aesthetic suggestions to its workspaces with its modern line, simple forms and different solutions. Combining different colors, elements, materials and designs that address your workplace as a whole, Vitamo brings a contemporary and exclusive interpretation to your workplace. Vitamo product groups are designed to provide an environment in which different tastes live in harmony with each other and different types and experiences are blended in a rich and creative way. Diversified with modern and new products, Vitamo collection sets out with a spirit of simplicity, elegance and harmony, and decorates the workspaces with a characteristic and creative approach while creating a new life and working style. For this purpose, we follow innovations, observe people's expectations, and aim to reach the lines that express themselves in terms of visuality as well as efficient working conditions. We always take our inspiration from customer expectations and suggestions, and carry a design concept that is completed with high quality.

It is important to make a difference in today's markets where products and services are increasingly similar and are being offered to consumers. Therefore, it is even more important to be able to innovate and to create the difference by transcending itself and to gain new innovation ability. For these reasons, Vitamo; corporate governance and communication activities are built on ve innovation and kaizen.. We are with you with our new collection designed with all the needs and aesthetics of modern offices in mind.

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