SEPT manufactures non-woven rolls that improve productivity in siderurgy lines and are longer lasting and of higher quality than rubber, nitrile and hypalon rollers. Our range comprises wringer rolls, de-oiler/oiler rolls, tension rolls, deflector rolls, feed rolls and brushes type Scotch-Brite in abrasive nylon for mechanically treating surfaces and organic coating lines.Our wringer roll offer an optimal squeegee action due to porous surface and high absorptive capacity of non-woven roll, high coefficient of frictionon oiled and greased surfaces. Our non-woven rolls are self-healing, reparaible and longer life experience than conventional rolls. Squeegee rolls for neutral and chemical pH values offer an uniform and efficient wringing action and also an important reduction of"carry-over" of chemical solutions (less contamination of rinsing tanks). Oiling rolls and desoiling rolls offer a high control of residual oil film thickness even at high line speeds.

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