DETECTRONIC A/S was established in 1986 and is a privately held Danish company that specializes in production and marketing of Metal detecting- X-Ray inspection systems and Check weighing equipment for the Food industry world wide. Our production facilities are located in Farsoe, Denmark, and it is from here we produce and market a wide assortment of competitive and high-tech machinery throughout many parts of the food industry across the World. Our highly skilled employees all share the same vision, values such as, innovation, proactivity, determination, and know how are the cornerstones of the company. When choosing DETECTRONIC as your preferred supplier we can assure you that our proactive behavior defines our quality, our innovative mindset sets the standards for out technological development, and our determination and will to succeed is our guarantee to you - as our customer - that you can rely on Detectronic A/S as your preferred supplier for food inspection technology.

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23376 Euro Line Metal Detector
23377 Speed Check Weigher
23378 Metal Detector
23379 Metal Detector MD - 250 - 350
23380 Free Fall Metal Detector
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